Spectacular-ish Encore Shows!

Hey mates!

I’m bashing around New York at the moment

but after sell out shows during festival I’ve been asked to bring this year’s show back to Aus. Click the links below for tickets in your city!



Encore Shows.jpg


You’re invited to my ABC Stand-up Special

Thank you!

After a busy year of doing over 230 shows, I’ve officially been offered a one hour stand-up comedy special on the ABC. Without the support of fans and followers like you, I wouldn’t be in this position at all. So thank you for coming to shows and keeping track of me on social media. Gratitude for your support is on the forefront of my mind every time I step on stage.

The special will be filmed at The Enmore in Sydney. So if you would like free tickets or to pass on free tickets to Sydney-siders, the invite and RSVP email is below: rsvp@alist.com.au

Only a few days ago I found myself at the Saturday Night Live studio at the 30 Rock building in New York.

Getting to travel around America doing shows certainly makes me appreciate Australian food. I’ve been filming some fun video blogs to share soon. So stay tuned on my social media for those.

Thank you once again for helping me further this crazy old career. It’s a joy performing for you and I’d be nothing without you. Stay in touch.


Dear Melbourne and Sydney

So far this year I have done over 200 gigs across three cities, I’ve received three awards from my peers, I have been given seven 4 star reviews, been described as “the star of the festival”, filmed my stand-up for ABC’s Comedy Up Late, had street art painted of me and now I’ve been offered a job at Comedy Central in Los Angeles.
I’m spending my last few days in Melbourne sipping soy chai lattes and being grateful. If you would like to see me before I head off, now’s the time to book.
Thank you to my hard working agents at A-List, the room bookers that keep having me on, the kind reviewers, my supportive friends and peers, festival staff, and the audiences that are just a joy to play to. Also a big thanks to everyone who has donated to the Father Bob Foundation at the end of my shows. The money will go to people who really need it.
If you’ve seen me already and want some festival tips: Beau Stegmann Comedy, Bart Freebairn and Tegan Higginbotham are my recommendations.
I’ll be back and forth for shows of course but until then thanks for being rad.
Simon xx

Simon Taylor – Human: REVIEWS


★★★★ – The Advertiser
★★★★ – The Clothesline
★★★★ – Entertainment Hive
★★★★ – 5AA
★★★★ – Aspire Magazine
★★★★ – The West Australian

Well friends, I’ve worked my butt off this past year to bring you the hilarious show you deserve. The reviews are now in and the stars are tacking up! The Advertiser said:

“Simon Taylor is not just a comedian — he is a singer, dancer, actor and magician all rolled into one in this 50-minute comedy hit.”

The Clothesline described me as an:

“Outstanding stand-up comedian.”

And The West Australian said the show’s:

“Well-rounded comedy is intelligent and thought provoking.”

Mum and Dad liked it too.

Book tickets now to save disappointment. Mine, mainly.
Adelaide tix: http://bit.ly/SimonAdFringe
Melbourne tix: http://bit.ly/1RHucfv
Sydney: http://bit.ly/1R2f7AZ