About Simon

Simon Taylor is an Australian stand-up comedian based in New York City. He is constantly touring the United States, Asia and Australia. His one-hour ABC stand-up special is available now on iView.

Simon was the host on Channel 31’s late night talk show Live on Bowen along with Beat Streets with Simon Taylor. His exceptional writing talent has found him being a writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell on the ABC.

Simon’s travels have garnered him worldwide acclaim. Time Out Hong Kong describes him as “a shooting star of the comedy scene”, The Age depicts him as “a master of timing” and The Advertiser summed him up as “not just a comedian — he is a singer, dancer, actor and magician all rolled into one”.

His list of industry awards has stacked up to include: The Hotel Barkly Comedian of The Year Award, The Imarginarium Comedian of The Year Award, Greg Fleet’s Tiny, Tiny Rose Award and The Butterfly Club’s prestigious Under Our Wing Award, previously won by Tim Minchin and Sammy J.

  He has also recorded a standup album called “Simon Taylor – Funny” available online.


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