Simon Taylor – Human: REVIEWS


★★★★ – The Advertiser
★★★★ – The Clothesline
★★★★ – Entertainment Hive
★★★★ – 5AA
★★★★ – Aspire Magazine
★★★★ – The West Australian

Well friends, I’ve worked my butt off this past year to bring you the hilarious show you deserve. The reviews are now in and the stars are tacking up! The Advertiser said:

“Simon Taylor is not just a comedian — he is a singer, dancer, actor and magician all rolled into one in this 50-minute comedy hit.”

The Clothesline described me as an:

“Outstanding stand-up comedian.”

And The West Australian said the show’s:

“Well-rounded comedy is intelligent and thought provoking.”

Mum and Dad liked it too.

Book tickets now to save disappointment. Mine, mainly.
Adelaide tix:
Melbourne tix:


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