A Condiment Joke.

A jar of jam is sitting next to a stick of butter. The jam looks over at the butter and says

“Hey Butter, how are you?”

“Not so good, to be honest.” Says the butter.

“Oh really, what’s wrong?”

“Well,” sighs the butter “I’ve just been trying to keep up with all these new breads and biscuits. Yesterday I covered the toast for breakfast, then I had to cover the wheat crackers for morning tea. Come lunch time I didn’t even get a break as I had to cover two sandwiches.”

“Two sandwiches!” Exclaimed the jam.

“Yes, two sandwiches. Then in the afternoon it got even more hectic. I covered a baking tray, which really took it out of me. I didn’t get a break for dinner as I went straight into covering roast potatoes. I can’t believe the day I had. Just when I thought it was over I had to cover late-night pancakes. Pancakes at 11:30 at night! Could not believe it. Everything has just been so exhausting and I’m having trouble keeping up. I don’t know what happened. I used to be able to handle this sort of thing. Now one big day and I’m a mess. I look terrible. I feel terrible. At this rate I’m not sure I can make it through the week.”

The jam gives the butter a sympathetic look and says “Oh my. Sounds like you’re spreading yourself too thin.”


2 thoughts on “A Condiment Joke.

  1. Why don’t Ketchup and Mustard worry about getting pregnant?

    “Because they never forget their condiments”

    Ba bum tish

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