Translation of Azealia Banks “212”

I really love the song 212 by Azealia Banks. There’s something charming about vulgarity and violence from a cute 21-year-old New York girl. Here’s my best translation of the lyrics into high-brow white person English.

[Verse 1]

Greetings, I am able to solve your dissatisfaction with the music industry

I am prepared to move my torso and extremities in a rhythmic manner prior to the commencement of the music

In the event of me executing a dipping motion, ready a recording device

It is visually self-evident that my noteworthy qualities are genetic

I have older siblings, I am a person that illuminates and inspires

I am competitive in nature and,

I am able to wear attractive outfits exceptionally well, including those featuring peep-toe high heels. You must be aware of the potential femininity I can exude when sporting hair extensions

I feel inclined to consume alcohol with your close acquaintances and

attend a luncheon if you will settle the accounts

I will spend time with the woman you are courting, who’s attire is the latest high-end designer clothing from Paris, and she would be adept at identifying the store in which I purchased my clothing, including the fashion season collection it derives from

Due to this, she will desire to perform cunniligus on me, after the sun has set

She will be an enthusiastic practitioner said activity

All things considered, my genitals will be pleasured x4

[Verse 2]

I was residing in Manhattan,

Accessible via the A Eighth Avenue Express rapid transit service, African American, you are aware of it are you not?

Send my regards to the woman that gave birth to you

My manner of speech is vulgar, African American, how would you describe your own demeanour?

I intend to consume your ejaculate, my dear

I have the potential to bring you to orgasm, I will experience one as well, how will you respond?

I prefer that you earn an income, I will be groomed and dressed well, I would be willing to wager your sexual interest…

Have sex with an unnamed man with the intention to ejaculate

You strongly desire social recognition for being in my city

Performing fellatio in the Hudson River near a waterfront

Has some of the semen landed on your tight fitting nylon headwear as well, young man?

African American, you are a fruity homosexual

In addition to this, your female partner may run her tongue along a non-specified object or body part, I am wondering who allowed you into Manhattan

Accompanied by your poor excuse for an entourage…what is your sexual orientation, I ask?

African Americans are advised to evacuate the area in the style of the 1963 band The Crystals

There is the potential that you will be attacked with firearms, friend, and if you would like to

aim your projectile weapon, inform your friends to face the reality of the situation

I am a person who engages in crime and violence, you recall participating in such acts yourself

I am also on the verge of widespread fame,

I am currently in the spotlight, as a new artist on the scene, my dear, a fresh alternative to Nicki Minaj

What are you presenting to me, female canine, inferior competition?

I will completely discredit your status, you inferior individual x4


Attention, I’ve been informed that you continue to spread fictitious information

Declaring that you have made financial gains

Reporting that you are working hard without appropriate acclaim

Why are you deferring your task, madam?

Your talent is substantial but you are not putting any of it to use

The music industry and its followers will soon fail to recall your name

And the onus will entirely be on you, indeed


How will you act when I am presented to the industry?

When I make my debut?

Darn it, the metaphorical lifespan of your career is coming to an end

The attention of the music world will be under my control, my control x2

[Verse 2]

Inferior person, there I was in Manhattan

holding an armed automatic pistol, caliber .45, people in Manhattan are animalistic

How will you respond when there has been a brutal shooting of your lower-ranked gangster fellow?

I am willing to bet that his female companion would not collect the body, and that you would hardly retaliate

You see, even in the event that you did want to respond with violence

The woman you are courting will engage in a series of events that will get you physically hurt and will also engage in sexual acts with your associates, elderly gentleman

You are engaging in masterbation in a manner indicative of your sexual partner not wanting to perform fellatio

Ready your weapon for firing, where do you perform cunniligus, darling?

This is all in jest, you attractive person

Describe your gentilalia to me, what are your sexual desires, converse with me, sir

Who’s abode do you find yourself in when you awake? Inform the woman you are dating that she can continue to resent me, as I am the face of Manhattan’s urban culture, yes?

You see, I recall a time that you were in my position, however you never act on these opportunities, do you?

Now, even your girlfriend is beyond your inactivity

I will completely discredit your status, you intolerable person x4


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