My Californian State of Affairs

My friends and family often ask me what I’m up to in my busy creative world. The sad thing is that I am often too flat out to call and update them on all my happenings. Sitting at home in my undies, watching Scrubs and eating cereal can be very time consuming.

So to avoid any potential of meaningful human interaction, this is a little update on what’s next for me post-Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Thanks to money I earned by making jokes about obscure psychological phenomena, I recently booked tickets to Los Angeles at the start of May. There I have writing and stand-up comedy work for a month. I will be living in West Hollywood, spending days creating, and nights performing. Much like I do in Melbourne, but surrounded by more poor people and a shitty health care system. Exciting.

I’m also writing for TV. That may sound impressive but when I say ‘I’m writing for TV’ that doesn’t mean what I create will definitely be on TV. Such is the process. Some of my stuff has made it onto the ABC and I have ghostwritten for other performers, but overall I’m just working on projects that interest me. If they get picked up, great. If not, it’s no real bother because the process is the fun bit. There’s being famous and then there’s being visible enough for people who would like your work to find it. For now at least, I only feel compelled to persue the latter. Who knows though, I may want groupies one day. Boobs.

Aside from the commissioned work, I have started working on my new solo comedy show, One Man Debate. The idea of the show is to explore masculinity and the concept of modern day manhood. If you have listened to my radio show and podcast, Manthropology, you will know that this is a topic I have been stewing on for a while. I’ll post more on the stage show concept at a later date as it’s still in its infant stages.

The podcast itself is going well. I’ve been trying to edit a three minute recap of the first season, which I will post here soon. I’m glad I am listening to all the conversations back as it gives me the chance to rediscover the little gems of wisdom I learned from my guests. I was both inspired and discomforted by my chat with American author, public intellectual and neuroscientist, Sam Harris. For an academic he sure made me feel that I need to have some psychical capabilities when it comes to responding to violence. It has given me a lot to consider. Look out for that episode next Tuesday.

My web comic is chugging away nicely. It gets updated every Sunday with new strips that I’ve written and I’m giddy to soon announce new characters. I have a great creative momentum with the comic and I feel it is enriching my joke writing skills in a big way. Plus nothing generates emotional validation like website views. So. Gen. Y.

Keep in touch babes. x


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