No smoke, just mirrors.

Probably the most uncomfortable part of being an entertainer for me has been the photo shoots.  What am I meant to do? Direct me photographer person, direct me!

I’ve quickly gained much respect for the job of a model, as they have to walk into a room and immediately be comfortable; not an easy task with a camera in your face.

Yesterday my friend Heidi, who has one of those charming personalities that instantly makes everyone around her feel comfortable, took me out to snap some photos for her blog.

What I learned from this experience is that the best photos seemed to be the ones taken when I was not thinking and just being natural in my expression.  This is a surprise to me as I always though I had to make some ‘cool person’ pose.  I realised afterwards that Heidi’s skill came from capturing the organic moments in between all my vain-self-absorbed-GQmagazinewannabe poses.  Eventually I just started being my silly self again and that’s when I finally felt at ease with this part of the entertainment biz.  Thanks Heidi.

Here’s some:


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