What a season!

Aaaaaand it’s a wrap! Live on Bowen completed it’s sixth season and I’m so proud of the team that made it happen. I had some pretty magical moments as host, including a chat with Fr Bob Maguire, a comedy competition with Dave Hughes, a song with Dream Girls performer Thando Sikwila and more.

Here are the highlights!

ADELAIDE FRINGE – Simon Taylor returns for 2015


Thanks for the fun interview, Ezra Magazine!

Originally posted on Ezra Magazine:

Personal Best

Melbourne comedian Simon Taylor is a regular at the Adelaide Fringe and in 2015 he won’t be one to disappoint. Returning in 2015 with his show “Personal Best”, Taylor will put on a show to delight Adelaidians in the land of the free settlers.

Writing for Mad As Hell with Shaun Micallef and hosting Live On Bowen was a step in the right direction, providing a platform to perform and utilise his skills as not only a stand up comedian but a writer as well. We caught up with Simon Taylor for a quick chat about the Fringe and all things Adelaide. 

You’re returning for The Adelaide Fringe in 2015, what brings you back to the land of the free settlers? It’s the Iced Coffee and fine dining restaurants right?

It’s so many things: the 24-hour pie shops, the fanciest accent in Australia, the spectacle of drunk lunatics on…

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Tour Dates for 2015

I’m super excited for 2015 because I’m taking my stand-up back to some of my favourite places and also heading to news ones. Here’s what’s in store.

Fringe World: 29th January – 3rd February

Adelaide Fringe: 13th February – 1st March

Brisbane Comedy Festival: 3rd March – 8th March

Magners International Comedy Festival: 12th March – 14th March

Magners International Comedy Festival: 17th March – 18th March

Magners International Comedy Festival: 19th March – 21st March

Melbourne International Comedy Festival: 25th March – 19th April